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Cluster alignment is a major factor in the effectiveness of a milking unit. Cluster twisting and tilting can cause poor alignment which can reduce milk yield, reduce milking speed, increase incidence of liner slip, increase risk of mastitis and reduce cow comfort leading to poor cow behavior. Superex parlor accessories help safeguard milking unit from poor cluster alignment.

Cluster Hook

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Used for holding claws on a vertical pipe.


Available in single and double orientation.

Swing Arm

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature : Ensures the correct positioning of the milking unit under the udder, as it follows the movements of the cow with the help of heavy duty springs. Use of swing arm enables having shorter milk hoses leading to better milking and reduced maintenance cost along with less pull on cluster.

Can be used in conjunction with milk meters and automatic cluster remover where movement of swing arm enables activation of device automatically.


MSA 001: Standard Swing Arm

MSA 002: Swing Arm with milk dropper

Kick Bar

Material: Galvanized Steel

Feature: Device protects from kick movement of the cow. Installed behind the cows rear leg to prevent the leg from causing damage to milking equipment or human operator.

Pull Discharger

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Protects the milk meter plastic connections from sudden moment of the cow.


PD 001: Maximum hose diameter 16mm

Milk Filter Casing

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Strong robust stainless steel milk filter casings fabricated to suit individual filtration requirement. Includes stainless steel drains and entries.


Standard sizes are 13” and 20”

Vacuum Operated Drain Valve

Material: Stainless steel

Feature : Allows lines to drain completely after milking and washing.


VDC 001 Standard size

Flood Wash Bracket

Material: Galvanized Steel


Tube lnner Diameter 36mm

Cow Mat Holder

Material: Hot dip Galvanized Steel


CM 001

Jar Bracket

Material: Galvanized Steel

Feature : Mounted on 32mm pipe to hold milk jar.


JB-001 Upper Diameter: 445mm; Neck Diameter: 125mm

JB-002 Upper Diameter: 338mm; Neck Diameter: 125mm

Receiver Stand

Material: Stainless Steel


Fits glass of capacity 22L and 42L

Contains following spare parts:

  • Toplid for glass container- 38mm or 51mm
  • Bending - 38mm, 50mm or 51mm
  • Hang Up Backbone
  • Contact
  • Gasket for contact Pipe size 30x12x4mm
  • Float
  • Bottom Lid
  • Closing/Locking System

Milk Pump Parts

Material: Stainless Steel


All milk pump parts are manufactured based on customer requirements and can be customized.

Along with the below spare parts we also offer Milk pump covers and stands for milk pumps

Milk Pump Casing

Corner With Raccor

Buckled Band With Screws

Milk Pump Plate - A

Milk Pump Plate - B


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