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Cluster Cleaning

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Effective cleaning of milking machines is extremely important for maintaining quality of milk. Clean milking machine improves milk quality removing milk residues and bacteria from the milk plant, improves appearance of parlor and prolongs life of milking equipment. Washing jetters are ideal equipment to connect milker units to washing system. Superex offers a wide range of cluster washing models with each model designed for easy use and efficient working. Inefficient cluster washers can damage the liners and thereby affect milk quality and durability of equipment.

Jetter Tray- Folding/ Fixed

Feature: Jetter trays are the perfect product for washing milking machines. Teat cups fit over head of each cup holder and sufficient pressure created by short milk tube ensures a good seal. Cleaning is very efficient as cluster is inverted and hence the claw bowl is completely full prior to wash water entering into milkline thereby creating maximum contact between the washing solution and cluster.The design ensures equal flow of water passes through each line.
Can be easily mounted with the help of holes of the back plate.


Comes in fixed and folding design

Folding design- fold backs against parlor wall when not in use.

Direction of washer inlet can be made straight, left or right.

Jetter Tray- Sliding

Feature: Operation similar to folding and fixed jetter trays. Stainless steel,plastic of rubber cups can be fitted on to the base, which slides providing easy movement of cleaning solution. Product contains clamps for cluster to rest upon during washing operation.

Distribution Jetter- With tee/ without tee

Feature: Economical solution for cleaning milking units. Jetter cups are fixed to legs of distribution jetter, the teat cups come in and fit onto rubber/ plastic jetter cups connecting washing unit with milking equipment


Comes with and without tee.

Superex recommends use of jetter trays to distribution jetters for higher efficiency- equal flow of water through each line

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